Preparing for a Day at LEGOLAND Florida: 5 Things to Bring 1

If you’re anything like me, you like to be prepared. Well, here’s some good news for you — LEGOLAND Florida doesn’t really require a great deal of preparation. It’s a low-key, easy “walk in the park” when you compare it to other adventures you could go on in Florida. Still, there are a number of things you should consider bringing with you to make your day the best it can be.



Entering the park with a ticket print-out


1. Your Park Tickets. Yes, you should try to get these in advance. Why? To save money and save time in line that you could be spending out in the park. To get park tickets in advance, you can visit the LEGOLAND Florida web site — once purchased, you just print the tickets out and bring the print-out with you. There are other ways to get discounted tickets in advance — here are examples:

  • You can buy gift cards redeemable for one-day tickets to LEGOLAND Florida at any Publix in Florida. Price is $64.20 for adults and $53.30 for children 3-12 (regular prices are $75/$65). And, conveniently enough, there is a Publix right across the street from LEGOLAND Florida!
  • Free LEGOLAND Florida child ticket (with purchase of adult ticket) discounts are available in a number of places. For example, there’s a Pepsi Special Offer — go to and use code 11090601. You’ll also find free child tickets in some LEGO kits, such as the Birthday Party Kit. And every LEGO Club magazine (which you can subscribe to for free) has a buy one adult get one child free ticket!
  • More discounts for LEGOLAND Florida are listed on the most excellent web site, and the page is updated regularly! Be sure to check it out!

Tip: If you print out your ticket in advance, and use an inkjet printer, keep your print-out in a plastic sleeve or something else that protects it. You don’t want your print-out to be destroyed by an accidental spill, or even just moisture condensation from a water bottle.

2. Sun Protection. Bring your hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. While you can purchase these in the park, they are pricey. I spent $9.99 for a bottle of spray sunscreen, $12.99 for a pair of sunglasses, $16.99 for a child’s hat, and $18.99 for an adult’s hat on my most recent trip. That’s $63.09 that I could have saved (or spent on LEGO souvenirs) had I thought ahead to bring these items.

3. Rain Gear. Toss your umbrellas and ponchos in with your sun protection. Again, it’s available at the park, but expensive. And it’s so much easier to pull out an umbrella than to go hunting one down in the park.

4. Camera. Even if it’s just your smartphone, you’re going to want to snap photos of all the cool LEGOs in Miniland. Bring your favorite camera and make sure it’s well charged!




LEGO Minifigs are fun to trade!



5. Minifigures. Bring your LEGO minifigs from home and you can trade them with one’s you spot on Model Citizen (employee) name tags! This is a great way to get new minifigs, and it gives you an excuse to chat with the Model Citizens. I know my son has a number of duplicate minifigs that he wouldn’t mind trading! (If you don’t bring them from home, you can purchase one at the park for $2.99 to get you started.)

By the way, LEGOLAND Florida asks that guests not bring in food or beverages, with the exception of items needed for infants and those with special media needs. They do not have a security checkpoint inspecting bags, however.

Enjoy your day at LEGOLAND Florida!

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